Pastor Lloyd Joiner, Jr.



Pastor Lloyd Joiner, Jr. met and married his wife, Shirley Grogan Joiner, who he says is his greatest supporter and critic, and is the father of three children. In 1975 Pastor Joiner accepted the call to the ministry, at which time he then pursued theological studies at Monroe Theological Seminary and numerous ministerial institutes at Bishop College. The Body of Christ at Progressive Baptist Church prayed, fasted and listened to God and installed Lloyd Joiner, Jr., to be their pastor in 1979.

Pastor Joiner’s greatest prayer for Progressive Baptist Church was that the church would accept the vision the Lord had given him and stated, “When it does so, Progressive will be blessed in a special way”. As a result by 1985, Progressive had been blessed with such growth that it was, literally, bursting at the seams requiring a new sanctuary to be built, which was completed and occupied in 1994. In addition to building the new sanctuary, Pastor Joiner’s leadership and vision has led Progressive to become involved outside the local congregation with an inspiring impact upon the community with numerous ministries designed to meet the needs of not only the congregation and the community but the world as well, providing support to ministries in other countries.

Under his leadership, the Lloyd Joiner Educational Building, the Progressive Child Development Center and the Progressive Community Outreach Center were built, where several community oriented programs are being held, such as the GED program, a Tutorial Program, a Parenting Program, and a Summer Enrichment Program just to name a few. Pastor Joiner recently notified the congregation that God has given him a vision to prepare for an accredited Theological Seminary that graduated students in 2014. Pastor Joiner exemplifies what God meant in Jeremiah 3:15 when He says, “And I will give you pastors according to mine heart, which shall feed you with knowledge and understanding.”